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Bridging The Gap Graffiti Books

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Strictly Burners is one of the few graffiti books in Malaysia, which showcases Malaysia's graffiti writer in a well-documented form. Being an extension of Strictly Alphabets body since its establishment in 2014, Strictly Burners has corrugated various layers of styles and identities made by local artist, while perpetually pushing the boundary of all the promising potential. Reflecting Malaysia's Graffiti scene since the '90s, the potential has shown a significant improvement in maturity & quality in delivering magnificent graffiti artworks. For the second time, after nearly 3 years from the first publication, Strictly Burners is now back for more, dedicated to graffiti artists, from a graffiti artist.

The evolution and metamorphosis of style are inevitable in graffiti culture.

The idea of moving forward has always become a headline to be discussed in any platform for the graffiti artist. It is our responsibility as one of the graffiti movement in Malaysia to narrow the generational gap in-between; hence, a certain harmony can be achieved. The idea of this issue is to blend in the numerous styles and identities integrated across the country in a synchronized format.

Black & white format has always been a core essential to graffiti, and one of the most crucial technical branches to be mastered. That being said, black & white format has been selected to enhance the above-mentioned style, while act as a challenge for each individual to execute. Approximately 40-50 graffiti writers will be carefully selected by Strictly Alphabets team to be included in this issue. The task: To sketch their name in black & white with their style. All sketches will be printed & compiled into one form of documentation.

The primary objectives of this project are

(i) To bridge the gap between new & old generations of writers

(b) To celebrate the graffiti lettering games in Malaysia's Graffiti scene

(c) To showcase various kinds of styles emerged till to date.

(d) To spread the awareness on the importance of style writing in the graffiti game

Hoping to reach global attention and awareness towards the importance of letterings in graffiti, Strictly Alphabets will further this initiative by furnishing the scene with various activities in the future. The new generation is encouraged to be part of this movement, while the veteran group can share tips, tricks, and guidance with their long experience which can't be found or bought anywhere. With the assistance of partners and sponsors, Strictly Alphabets are truly grateful for all the mutual respect that has been conveyed throughout this project. Without them, there will be no Strictly Burners II.

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Editor Strictly Burners Vol II.