AKUDND Through The City

RM 129.00
RM 43.00 with 3 installments via

AKUDND Through The City Tshirt, one of Akudesign x DripsnDrops collab line up product. Made from 20s black material, specially custom in regular DripsnDrops cutting. Drips Akudesign custom size label printed inside, 'Through The City' lettering word printed at front chest left side, together with big scale of combination Bandung and Melaka City building illustration at the back area, printed using oil base printing method. Other detailing such as Akudesign Mono flip woven tag and DripsnDrops star woven tag stitched together at the bottom area. Get it now and go wild, style it out for your daily outfit. 

AkuDnd Tshirt Size Chart - WF